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Pregnant women are listening to doctor a
Pregnant women are listening to doctor a

Programs and Services

Labor of Love aims to nurture mothers and children into quality, healthy, sustained lives. We provide essential support to ensure stability, safety and hope for a bright future.

Perinatal Support and Parenting Success

Labor of Love serves one of the most vulnerable groups in our society-

pregnant and homeless adolescent girls and young women. This is often

the result of early traumatic life experiences and the associated emotional challenges or mental health disorders that follow. We strive to provide a loving and supportive village for them to heal and grow, which starts with safe shelter, food, and basic needs. Thereafter, we coordinate all needed health care, including primary care, prenatal care and dental care; any vital components of a healthy pregnancy, in addition to mental health services described below. Perinatal and parenting classes are provided simultaneously, to support an overall healthy transition to motherhood.


Trauma Informed Mental Health Services

The impact of trauma manifests itself in many ways in the
lives of young adults. Labor of Love utilizes an integrated approach with our mental health program that focuses on Trauma Informed Care. Our Mental Health Services comprise personalized treatments plans such as Behavioral Health, Group Therapy, and Crisis Intervention, as well as Medication Support Services to help our residents successfully cope with life challenges.


Education & Job Readiness

Our education program is designed to guide young mothers back to the path of academic success. The program provides online schooling for those in need of continuing their high school endeavors, as well as on-site tutoring. For those mothers who are college bound, guidance on the application process and training on college readiness skills are offered. For moms entering the workforce, resume writing, interviewing and job readiness skills classes are also provided.


Independent Living

Labor of Love is devoted to working closely with our teen mothers to help them build critical parenting and independent living skills to cater to their  goals of achieving self-sufficiency. Our goal is to prepare our young mothers to be successful, strong, and loving women capable of raising healthy, happy children. Our home is committed to permanency planning and emphasizes the importance of a permanent home for each family. We are devoted to helping our young mothers reside in less restrictive settings, such as home based family care with relatives, resource families or independent transitional housing.

Ind Liv

"Where there is no struggle, there is no strength"

- Oprah Winfrey

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