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Maternity Home


A village of love and support

Helping pregnant young women ages 15-21 with a place of shelter, parenting education, financial independence, and other necessary life skills, as well as appropriate healthcare for mother and baby.

The Need

Each year, thousands of U.S. youth run away from home, are asked to leave their homes or become homeless.  Homeless youth are at particularly high risk for teen pregnancy; research indicates as many as 20% of homeless young women become pregnant.  These teens lack financial resources and adequate health care, resulting in increased risk for low–birth-weight babies and high infant mortality. 

Labor of Love Maternity Home seeks to provide a village of love and support for these vulnerable young women; not just a place to stay, but a place to heal. We provide a comprehensive, trauma-informed program that gives solid guidance and a healthy transition on their road to self-sufficiency.  

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Mother Baby Bonding

Transforming Lives

Labor of Love provides a loving home, case management, therapy, prenatal and parenting classes, and more, to homeless pregnant teens and young women who have nowhere else to turn.


Support on the Road to



Ways to Give

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Volunteer your time, skills and talents to make an impact that will last a life time. 


Let's Work Together

Thank you for being a part of our loving village. Your investment in our mission touches the lives of young women in crisis on their journey to healthy living and self-sufficiency.

Donation Boxes

We Appreciate You

Your generous donations directly support vulnerable young women and their children. Labor of Love is able to provide much needed items for our new moms and babies.

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27120 Eucalyptus Ave., Ste. G340

Moreno Valley, CA 92555

Tel 855-545-LOVE (5683)


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